Production Masking Systems

Do you have a paint production program that requires out-of-the-box thinking mixed with a world-class process?

CPV has helped other companies run successful paint production programs. Our expertise of materials, technology, process, and equipment makes us the perfect partner for your success. Even if you are running a program but want to see if it can be done for less cost with more consistent quality, you should contact us. We will work with you under an NDA and confidentiality. Our paint masks are used by the world’s leading vehicle up-fitters to solve problems and create graphics for the best high-end production vehicles and equipment on the market.

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  • Product development in vector based software
  • On site or at CPV with actual product
  • Validation of mask
  • Process consultation
  • Training
  • Supply masks to meet demand
  • Consistent paint production results
  • Less labor


Over Spray Mask: BEFORE
  • Hand papering and masking method
  • 6-8 minutes per part
  • Expensive tape
  • Variations in results
Over Spray Mask: AFTER
  • Custom designed production mask
  • 2-3 minute install
  • Consistent, repeatable results across skill levels

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